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K​is​met ​Consulting

What is it, and who needs it?

Trauma informed business consulting

"Don't bind yourself to the limitations of your mind. You see,trauma is a limiting experience. It constricts you and your thinking. So fight back with abundant, expansive thinking" - Psychologist Dr. Mariel Burque 

You have to be willing to ask the tough questions when trying to make progress with yourself and your business. That will include examining your own behavior and forming a plan of how to most effectively transform your business and your energy. I am here to ask the questions and challenge the story you are creating about your life. Most importantly where you are limiting yourself. And how can we incorporate a centered mindset to be able to handle anything that comes your way.  

Creating bal​anced​ leade​rship

Anything that is observed changes, merely from being observed.  Through this work we create an awareness of self and build space into your story. Much like a personal trainer pushes you physically, consulting is more of a whole approach to create a gentle and loving awareness of your physical, mental, and emotional well being. All three are necessary when it comes to building a successful business and truly all relationships.

By creating a centered being at the helm of your endeavor you are investing in the ability to handle anything that comes to you with a unshakeable confidence.

We can draw attention to your patterns of behavior and balance your lifestyle, boundaries, and bandwidth to create a more productive and fulfilling environment. 

Actionable plans, connections, and accountability

My services are very transitional from one client to the next because everyone needs something different. Some people need more emotional guidance and affirmation. But there are also a lot of real time logistical things that play a role in the business world, and I am equally excited about long term metrics and I am about your mindset. 

From connections to business professionals from an extensive network, to direction on social media and building and maintaining a sustainable schedule and clientele.

As a professional hairstylist of 20 years I have acquired a life time of stories, patterns, networking, and reading people. All of these come into play with Kismet Consulting, which is what makes its definition so elusive. 

It is equal part logistics and energy. If you're curious if it could be beneficial to you, reach out, I am here for you!

Want to know what clients are saying about Kismet Consulting?

Every client comes with their own specific energy and their own set of challenges. Having constructed several of my own businesses and brands over the years has made given me a unique perspective and set of skills when it comes to several areas. Leadership, confidence building, and creative solutions are key when it comes to your new business.

What does "trauma-informed" business consulting mean?

Each of us tells ourselves a story about who/how we are as people. Sometimes these limiting beliefs are holding us back in ways we are unaware of. Even more often, we aren't aware they are there in the first place. Creating a space for you to talk through these stories in relation to your daily success and challenges allows for self reflection, guidance, and growth!

Business or Woowoo energy, I've got both sides covered

Whether it's confidence building exercises, learning how to read and negotiate a contract, or plan for your future. I am here to pass onto you guidance to make you feel that you are capable of handling your business in any situation and build a stable base for you to learn and grow from. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to hear something you've never heard before, or open up possibilities for new creative solutions. 

Want to know how Kismet Consulting could benefit you?

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