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-All new chemical service guests (color/highlight/vivid) require an in person consultation prior to booking an appointment and at least 48 hours prior to the appointment for allergy/sensitivity testing.

-Any or all service portions that are canceled within 48 hours of service are subject to a cancelation fee.

-Any or all services that are canceled at the time of service are still subject to charge.

-If you give no notice and don't contact or show up for your appointment, you will be invoiced in full the amount of your scheduled services.

-Please do not bring extra guests, pets, or children to your appointment.

-Please be on time for your appointment. Hourly timing begins at your appointment time, not when services begin.

-If you are more than 5-10 minutes late or show up with undisclosed guests/children/pets, your service time may be forfeit and charged as a no call/no show

I understand that emergency or unexpected situations occur, however please communicate if you need to make ANY changes to your appointment.

Including, but not limited to services, service duration, and the need to bring a guest/driver/child/pet.

On occasion things still work out but these situations will be dealt with as they arise to my discretion, based off the affect on others/my work place.

Please understand that I book a certain number of working hours a week, and when services aren't completed on a whim or by no fault of mine, I still have numbers to meet. It would equate to if your hours/salary at work were cut with no notice or chance to make them up, and it adds up when policy isn't enforced.

This is absolutely nothing personal. It is strictly business and this is a professional work place. I appreciate your respect and understanding. 


At Kismet we are committed to complete transparency about our pricing because we like to know what we are paying for and believe you all deserve that same respect! This page explains how to classify services and their approximate pricing. For more questions on my pricing check out the FAQ section. 

Complimentary consultations can be made via text or email and are mandatory before any chemical services. Please contact me for any questions or to set up a consult and please contact in advance for the most flexible availability.

Please call us for a free quote

Phone: (734) 634-9768 | Email:

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